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Pathway Pharmacology

Most human diseases are multifactorial in nature and involve biological pathways that are highly interconnected. Our aim is to produce new and effective medicines that target more than one point in the disease pathway while removing as much risk as possible from the discovery and development process. We select drugs known for their demonstrated effect and clinical safety along this biological pathway, and use our proprietary SMART linker technology platform to produce new medicines that modulate the entire pathway.  

SMART Linker Technology

Our SMART (Safely Metabolized And Rationally Targeted) linker technology platform allows us to design and synthesize pathway targeted NCEs.  The linkers are a series of small and safe moieties designed to conjugate two therapeutics and to be cleaved by specific intracellular enzymes. By applying the SMART linker technology, Catabasis is able to produce new chemical entities that are inactive in the plasma and delivered to targeted cells involved in the disease process. Within a target cell, the conjugate is split into its original components, simultaneously releasing and activating the drugs where they can have their greatest therapeutic effect.

This unique approach provides the following advantages:

  • Enhanced efficacy along the targeted pathway through the simultaneous delivery of two drug compounds that target more than one point in the disease pathway.
  • Improved safety and tolerability by activating conjugated drugs only in targeted cells.  Intracellular release of drug compounds avoids side effects that result from activating drugs in the plasma.
  • Reduced development risk based on the use of clinically validated therapies and a safe linker technology platform.
  • Intellectual property protecting our technology and portfolio of novel compounds.


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